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September 14, 2011 / Rohit


Lately I have developed interest in AWS (Amazon Web Services). It, unlike Google App Engine, provides a REST based API to most (if not all) of its services.Having a RESTful API means easy integration with any language of your choice. If you don’t have SDKs for your language, then you should be able to use the REST API and work with the service or create your own SDK over the REST API.

Amazon’s cloud based storage service S3 also provides a REST API. For the past couple of days I was playing around with its API. Specifically, I was trying to write a Go wrapper for the S3 service. What I found was that the REST API just within S3 is pretty inconsistent.

Depending on what you want, the request parameters might go into the HTTP headers, the request URI or even the request body as XML. It is not evident which parameters go where.

Check the PUT Bucket Logging documentation to see what I mean.


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