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August 7, 2011 / Rohit


As programmers we have our own favorite language, operating system, text editor and so on. These things are so close to us, that we get prejudiced. There is this programmer hierarchy diagram which I am sure all of you have already seen, but if you haven’t you can see it below.

What’s funny is that, the chart captures reality. For example,  I have seen C and assembly programmers consider themselves to be superior to others. Unfortunately, a feeling of superiority breeds ignorance. And that’s what has happened with me and Javascript. I have scoffed at Javascript previously for being quite an ugly language. I believed that because it’s an ugly language, smart people don’t really use it.

I was so wrong.

Today, Javscript is necessary to learn just because of the sheer penetration of the browser. Imagine: more people in this world can run your Javascript code than those who can run your C, Python or Java code. Having been raised in the desktop application era, it has taken me quite a long time to actually realize that knowing how to code for the web is essential for all programmers. I mean it has happened so many times, that I would say that “such and such thing should be there on the web” and then done nothing about it, because I didn’t know and hence didn’t want to work with Javascript.

Hopefully there are going to be better alternatives to Javascript in the future. But I don’t see that day soon. Until then Javascript is here to stay. And I better learn it.



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  1. Ankur Gupta / Aug 8 2011 12:07 am

    Javascript is must learn language without a doubt. I am learning it too along with jQuery. Still have to get my head wrapped around CSS thou.

    Very much needed.

    • Rohit / Aug 8 2011 8:56 am

      True, I left out HTML + CSS in the post, they too are needed.

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