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July 15, 2011 / Rohit

Seattle So Far

It’s almost a month since I landed in Seattle. Till now I have been having fun and really like the city. Here are few observations about Seattle:

  • It does rain a lot in Seattle. Even in summers. It doesn’t bother me too much because it’s not too heavy. I think I got used to it.
  • The weather is dull and gloomy on most days. It feels as if I am in Gotham City.
  • Seattle has so many options for coffee. Local shops and Chains.
  • The city and its people like their heritage. Rather than throw away what is old, they make it part of their present. Take the gas works park for example. The park is on one side of Lake Union. On the other side you see the downtown Seattle skyline. Making for an amazing vista. But in the 50s and 60s the park was a coal plant. When the plant shut down, the city took over and made it a park. You will still find rusting remains of the coal plant in the park.
  • People cycle everywhere. The city is cyclists friendly. Racks on buses. Dedicated lanes. Bike trails. You need to bike in Seattle. It’s a different culture altogether.
  • The typical Seattle guy’s outfit is a grey pullover, a cap and jeans with a book in hand.
  • Seattle’s denizens read a lot too. There are plenty of book shops. While on a bus you will see more than half the people reading.
  • The city is big on recycling and alternative means of commute. If you are in Seattle, you will very quickly get used to sorting your trash and dumping it in separate bins.

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