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April 15, 2011 / Rohit

Routine Post

From the most happening city in the world, I bring to you a mundane account of my life … in no particular order …

  • The start-of-the-quarter-woes have begun. The first week of began with me trying to decide on the courses and now that I have, the usual set-ass-on-fire assignments have started to come. You blink an eyelid, the week is gone and the deadline is staring you right up.
  • Few days back we managed to go to a music audition conducted for the Fowler Out Loud! event and managed to qualify. I really don’t know how. Maybe the judges were sympathetic or something. We performed a bunch of Bollywood songs. I was playing something on the guitar.
  • I have not been training too much. A 3 mile run every other day usually. There is no race coming up, not much company to run with, and with the marathon done just 3 weeks back, I have become lazy.
  • Naveen had come over last weekend. We had a good time. Made it a point to go out on every single day of the weekend. The high point being our visit to Universal Studios, which was fun.
  • India won the world cup. I did see the finals, semi-finals and quarter finals. Yes, I slept a little bit in between and missed some portions, but I still consider myself a true patriot. IPL has started. I don’t care much about that.

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