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December 17, 2010 / Rohit

Security Anyone?

Today it was leaked that Yahoo! will be closing delicious — the popular social bookmarking service. People aren’t happy about it. There is even an online petition to save delicious. Some are speculating that the leak was intentional, and Yahoo! deliberately did it to maybe come up with a paid business model.

Either way, delicious users (including me) are looking for alternatives. Where is an online social bookmarking site which is as good as delicious? Who can save all my bookmarks which I have saved over the years?

One name which comes up is It claims to be much superior to delicious, but I couldn’t verify it  because they charge a signup fee — which is now around $7. It seemed reasonable, but before paying for anything I wanted to explore a bit. So I looked inside their how-to and this is what I found:

Figure 1: Pinboard.In Export Bookmarks Instructions

Obvious security holes, anyone? Hint: “http:” and most browsers remember history.

Few days ago, a number of users, who had an account on Gawker, had their passwords compromised. This of course lead to the whole “how much can we trust websites to be secure?” debate. Seems like the guys at Pinboard weren’t listening.


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