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December 14, 2010 / Rohit

Because I Love Graphs

… and there is no other use of an extensive running log

Figure 1: Running Mileage for the Past 12 Months

Jan 2010 was the month with the highest mileage. Mainly because that’s the month I ran the Mumbai marathon.

Feb-Jun 2010 we see some stability in the graph. I wasn’t concentrating much on distance, but on speed. Notable events during this period include the Auroville Half and Sunfeast 10k. In both races I achieved a personal best timing.

Jul-Sep 2010 there is a marked drop in the mileage. July was pure laziness and Delhi heat. August and September were mostly low mileage due to injury.

Oct-Dec 2010 shows a bounce back in the running mileage. I had somewhat recovered from my injury and started to run more regularly. December is not yet over, so hopefully it should cross November’s mileage.

In related news, I am on a training plan for the L.A. Marathon. One of Hal Higdon’s plans: Novice 2.


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