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November 20, 2010 / Rohit

Routine Post

More blah blah from my life.

  • I finally got the guts to register for the LA marathon. My mind had been going back and forth on whether to go for it or not, when couple of days back I said “Fuck it!” and then registered (I didn’t really say that, but I did register). Given that I run at odd times and have hardly any company , it’s going to be hard to train for. Oh yeah and then there is always my left knee …
  • The first quarter of graduate life is almost over. There are still few things pending, but I am happy to say that I survived it (or maybe I should say “I think I will survive the remaining days.”).
  • I had started reading Alan Moore’s “From Hell.” Which is a critically acclaimed graphic novel on the story of  Jack the Ripper. I hadn’t even gotten half way through the book, when I decided to stop reading it — too boring. Instead I picked up “Logicomix”, which is on the life of Bertrand Russell.
  • I woke up today to really cold weather and a tonsillitis attack.

Sometimes I wish there was endless tea …


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