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November 9, 2010 / Rohit

Routine Post

Thoughts overflow and spill into this post.

  • The best course which I took this quarter has to be Advanced Operating Systems. I have a love-hate relationship with the labs. But I would say that I love the labs more than I hate them. This is the maximum amount of low-level programming I have ever done in my life. It’s interesting, new, and at times really frustrating. Especially, when you are debugging through code which is all in assembly and you don’t know why the f*ck the stack is getting ruined. I heard Microsoft is writing an entire OS in C#. Now that would be comfortable.
  • I am almost getting my legs back and working. I did a 10 miler two days back, which went pretty well. Though all of it was done on the Drake Stadium track and the weather was nice and cold, I will still take some credit. Doing 40 x 400 m loops is not really entertaining. Today, I did 6 x 400 m intervals with an average pace of 4:30/KM. It was pretty hard. I was helped by the lovely music being played by the UCLA band (they were practicing nearby). If I am able to do a half-marathon distance over the coming long-weekend, I will register for the LA marathon. And when I say LA marathon I mean all 42.2 KM (26 miles) of it.
  • I sometimes miss Bangalore and Delhi.

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