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October 8, 2010 / Rohit

Hello World?!

It’s almost 1 AM in the morning. I’m sitting here typing this. 3 beers down. 11 long hours in the graduate department. Now compiling a toolchain on my laptop. And it’s almost a month since I came to Los Angeles.

A month back when I said goodbye to my parents, Delhi and India at the new T3 airport, I didn’t think it was going to play out like this. This fast. It’s as if someone pushed my life’s fast-forward button and then proceeded to hammer it in. Just to be sure that it was going fast enough.

The toolchain compile though is slow.  Compiles have always been slow. Fortunately it just finished. Now I don’t need to go to the lab to do my work; I can do it in the comfort of my home. On my laptop. Is that a good thing?

Los Angeles is a big city. I have hardly seen 0.00001% of the city. There are couple of museums which I went to. Taken the bus here and there.  Of course our college (school?) campus itself is a big tourist attraction and I can claim to have explored it out of necessity and curiosity. But the city? No.

Couple of weeks back I bought a bus pass. Others were skeptical whether, given the workload of a graduate student, I would be able to roam around enough to completely recover the cost of the pass. I was confident that I would wander about. Till now, the others are winning.

There’s also the cycle along with me. And the guitar. Standing on either side of the fire place. My two prized possessions here. Oh yeah, if you include the laptop; there are three. They are prized and as I have been told repeatedly by others — expensive. No, I’m not rich. Though I have worked for four years after my Bachelors (or undergrad). That doesn’t make me rich. It does make me old … you know relatively speaking.

That’s more or less how, where and what I am right now.


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